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I clearly recall complaining in one of my first AA meetings that now that I was no longer drinking I was scarfing chocolate like it was 12-year-old bourbon. Everyone was quick to encourage me by saying things like, “Hey, at least it’s not alcohol” and other things to that effect. I don’t think anyone understood how upset I was at what I saw as simply trading one addiction for another. So I just really, really appreciate the 21-Day Chocolate Challenge from fitfatfood. Even though I’ve been clean and sober from alcohol for 4+ years, there are many times I feel I’ve gone simply to a more acceptable addiction.

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In early sobriety they tell us to do anything that keeps us sober. For many, allowing ourselves sugar cravings is a big part of that. I had a special anti-booze secret weapon of a Cadburys Twirl tucked away in my handbag to kill cravings. And it worked.

But as regular readers of this blog know, I’ve always had a problematic relationship with food and body image which has variously manifested itself over the years from anorexia to binge episodes. In early recovery in particular, my body image was terrible and that, of course, as an addict, drove me to eat sweet, comforting foods.

I was expecting to drop weight in very early recovery by virtue of cutting out thousands if calories of booze every week, but alas, I maintained the weight I’ve been for the past year or so. This got me down hugely.

I haven’t blogged on this topic…

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