repost from and everything afterwards: what will i drink if i can’t drink alcohol?

Isn’t this one of the questions that pops up for any of us who have been sober just long enough to think we have some of our self-respect back in place? Allie does simply a yeoman’s job of putting honesty before feelings in this brutally honest post.

The mythology of alcohol is so powerful, though. Different drinks have a different effect on our moods (this is not borne out by science, by the way), there are special glasses out of which each drink should be drunk, some drinks are for certain occasions. What you drink is part of your social identity, like which football team you support or what clothes you wear.

Read the whole thing, particularly the killer closing ‘graph that puts everything in perspective where it belongs.

And Everything Afterwards

One of the things that I worried about, before I stopped drinking, is what on earth I would drink if I didn’t drink alcohol. It’s a common query; all the sober communities I know of have this question as a recurring topic, and we trade tips about sparkling elderflower cordial and dry ginger ale.

These days, conversations like that seem, if not boring, at least completely irrelevant.

Last night, LH and I had a ‘date night’ dinner of nice cheese, olives, smoked salmon and other nibbles on a platter. He drank red wine and made me a complicated mocktail of pomegranate juice, freshly squeezed lime and tonic water. He’s a sweetheart, my LH, but it made me realise how unimportant the whole ‘what to drink’ thing has become. I drink a lot of Diet Coke, these days, because it’s the only diet soda that doesn’t taste entirely of aspartame, and…

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