repost from sober grace: can you teach an old dog new tricks?

doggie rehabWhile I’d love to quote at length from this amazing essay from jamilynaz at Sober Grace, it would do much more justice for you to read the whole thing and take time to 1) ponder her nakedly honest words and what it cost her to commit them to public consideration, and 2) balance the truth of her words against your posture and place in your own healing journey.

This deeply moving post  stopped this old dog smack on top of his smart phone as he read through it several times. While the whole thing is painfully relevant to me, there were a few lines that simply got drilled into my frontal lobes:

“I’ve heard it said that the two reasons that people really change are:  they have learned enough to want to change, or they have been hurt enough to want to change.  When it comes to getting sober, for me it took both.  I had been so hurt by others, but more so by myself, that I had to change or I was going to drink myself to death.”

Read the whole thing. This is good stuff.