are you a person of integrity?

10574468_10152301543443581_1228490184964981364_nYou know, I used to be real connected to Promise Keepers and one of the words I heard time and time again was “integrity.”

But in AA I don’t think we really understand integrity. And I couldn’t come up with anything as catchy as Easy Does It, but here it is: Integrity is what you do with power.  In other words, Integrity is what you do with people who are weaker than you.

You know, it’s become apparent to me that there are all kinds of people in these rooms at Club East who are just emotional leeches.  We’re spiritually and relationally undernourished in very profound ways, and highly untrustworthy.  We’re really a pretty abusive little community.  And you know, I just really don’t want anyone to get hurt when I leave the room.  And to narrow the focal point somewhat, if you can be alone in these rooms with these people and their lives are enhanced as a result of you being in their lives, then you are a person of integrity.

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