repost from what…me sober? thoughts for newcomers

Highly readable post from recovering alcoholic, addict and codependent Bill at What…Me Sober? on being a newbie at AA and why — like everything else in life — we get out of it what we put into it.

Because that’s what recovery is about. It’s about clearing up the mess of our past, both internally and externally, and becoming convinced that we really aren’t that piece of shit that we’ve always believed we were, way deep down inside.

Read on, McDuff:

What...Me Sober?

Some don’t realize it consciously, but all of us addicts have one thing in common, a feeling, deep down inside, that we want to be different people from who we are. Regardless of the reasons for that, the desire to change what we perceive as our reality, to overcome the feelings of worthlessness, to feel worthy of love, to feel safe in loving – to be whole human beings – is common to all addicts.

I changed who I was in a lot of ways.

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