the ‘gift’ of hindsight.


Indeed. I’ve come to the conclusion in my sobriety that there is a profound difference between intelligence and wisdom. Here’s a newsflash: We are not the center of the universe, and our decisions do affect others. Innocent people do get hurt when others make decisions that are selfish and self-centered. Yet God holds the issue of choice to be holy, and therefore he will not interrupt our utterly sacred ability to make choices – even when they’re profoundly wrong, even when they’re dangerous, and even when they hurt innocent people.

But in the middle of all that, I’ve learned that God is ever merciful — and God says his mercy will compensate me for the losses I’ve suffered in my life.  I cannot live my life as though certain things never happened to me.  They did, and God is not going to give me a lobotomy or amnesia to erase the past to make the present easy.  He’s not going to wave a wand and make it all go away.  To do so would deprive me of the beauty and power and ultimate divine purpose of the Cross.  While God will not let me get away with a life of pretending, he will enable me to live life in spite of what has happened, and beyond what has happened.  This is what the healing journey is all about for me.

I believe He wants to do the same for everyone, no matter what their struggles may be.