weak then strong?

Right out of the gate I can tell you that — as a guy — I really can’t speak into the whole hysterectomy thing. On another front, I can say I’m in the middle of getting all my daily drug dosages balanced so I can function on a somewhat natural level with no sudden surprises. Sort of a “better living through chemistry” approach toward life. That being said, I still have days where I prefer curling up on the couch holding to a regular breathing pattern than doing much of anything else. Tar Heel’s on-target writing today is a much-needed reminder that I’m not in this alone.

Ex Booze Hound

So, let me get this straight…when I am weak then I am strong?! Say WHAT?

There is this really cool author named Paul who lived about 2000 years ago that wrote about this. I am paraphrasing here, but the gist of it was that Paul got boastful and basically egotistical about some stuff then got a thorn in his side. This thorn hurt like H-E-double hockey sticks. He pleaded with God to remove the thorn but God ignored him. Finally, God answered Paul with, “My grace is sufficient for you. My power is made perfect in weakness.” Paul later says that he will go on boasting about God’s grace because when he is weak he is strong. Hmmmmm….

Today I had the proverbial thorn in my side. I am still fighting physical pain and a pretty deep depression after having a total hysterectomy two months ago. Hubby was still on the…

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