30 days.

The battle goes on. This is one of those reasons I simply try to keep focused on the task right at hand and not get too caught up in looking around at others… if I can at all resist the temptation.

Fight the good fight, Brittany.

girl gone sober.

Yes I am still alive.

Yes I am still sober.

30+ days and counting.

I have lacked in writing because, well, I have been busy with work and traveling for work and getting lost on BuzzFeed and sleeping (one of my favorite pastimes) and cleaning up after all three animals (and my girlfriend who refuses to hang up her towel after showering which makes me wonder daily how she must think the towel gets hung back up. By itself? Perhaps it just magically takes a magic towel ride to the towel rack?).

Anyways, as you can see my life is super glamorous and busy and as a result I haven’t found had time to write. But I assure you I am still on the wagon.

Side note: You may want to buy stock in Coca Cola as my consumption of their products has quadrupled. And you may want to drop…

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