robin williams did not die from depression.


The latest issue of Psychology Today has a provocative take on what so many people have been struggling to make sense of in the past few days. I certainly don’t know enough to add to an intelligent discussion, but this writer certainly seems to know what he’s talking about.

What he died from was des-pair* (possibly the most life threatening part of depression).

And by des-pair I mean feeling utterly:

1. Hopeless – unpaired with a future that was worth living
2. Worthless – unpaired with any things you could do to take away some core feeling of worthlessness
3. Useless – unpaired with feeling you helped the world and/or unpaired with any lasting treatment that would take away your despair
4. Helpless – unpaired with feeling there was anything you could do to make yourself feel better in a lasting fashion
5. Meaningless – unpaired with feeling that anything you did mattered
6. Purposeless – unpaired with anything other than making other people laugh which wasn’t enough
7. Pointless – unpaired with feeling there was any reason to go on given the above.

Read the whole thing. This makes me want to know more. And it compels me to take a critical look at myself.