be careful out there.

never_compareThere’s still time to take yourself seriously. Recovery is something that looks, feels, sounds, tastes, and therefore processes differently for everyone. We all have a tendency to measure our own recovery against where we think it “ought” to be at any given time.

Even when it justifies a lot of crap. Even when it feeds our own self-pity.

Understandably, that’s pretty much wrong, no matter how we slice it. The longer I’m around here, the more I realize that simply because someone says something insulting or stupid to me doesn’t mean I’m a bigger mess that they are.  It just means we’re in different places on the same journey. The real difference is how i choose to let my heart respond. That’s how I measure my healing. That’s how I measure my recovery.

That’s when I realize my recovery — and theirs — doesn’t have all that much to do with collecting yet another little token.