inquiring minds want to know…

Where’s my miracle?

Here’s a question I’m still asking myself four years into clean and sober. Lisa N does a yeoman’s job of answering for herself with this remarkable post from her own blog. Here’s a tasty sample, but you’ll want to eat the whole thing:

There was no way in 9 months I was going to reverse forty years of thinking. I was going to have to settle in for the long haul. This is when my real journey began. It was no longer about giving up alcohol. It was about finding me.

What did I find in sobriety? I was waiting for “the miracle,” what I found was (short list):

  • a yeller and a rager (w/ and w/o the cops here).
  • I was unfaithful.
  • I was a blamer, runner, and hider.

The miracles weren’t apparent by any twist of my imagination.

And yet I stayed clean. I chose clean.

Good stuff.