making it look easy.

This is an amazing, brutally honest post from one of my favorite “post-alcohol” bloggers.

“Sobriety is easy. There’s nothing easier in the world than living without alcohol.
But quitting was so fucking hard that it took me almost a decade to do it.”

Read the whole thing. And the comments rock, too.

And Everything Afterwards

In a private conversation with a friend who reads this blog the other day, I learned that I was making this sobriety thing look easy.  It was meant as a compliment.

Goodness knows, very few things in life feel as easy as they look from the outside, but I am aware that I’ve been posting relentlessly optimistic, cheerleading posts for a while now.  It helps that my life is completely amazing at the moment; I’m studying something I love, I moved into my dream house in April, last year’s financial worries have dimmed somewhat, and I’m not sure how much of that is directly attributable to sobriety or not, but it all adds up to amazing.

But this is what I want to say:  You guys are reading the success story because the failures never made it to air.

It's like alcohol was the captor, and I was the hostage, and we were in a cheesy film with no sense of irony It’s like alcohol was the captor, and I was the hostage, and we were…

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