r.i.p. robin williams: 1951-2014

As someone who has dealt most of my life with depression, I think most people fail to understand it has virtually nothing to do with one’s success or security. Depression is frequently chemical and almost always has a component of low self-esteem, or emotional injury buried below the surface just waiting for us to get hungry, alone, lonely or tired. Something as simple as lack of sleep can trigger it. We are soulful, but oh so fragile. The humor makes us only appear stronger than we actually are. Alcohol and drugs make it worse even though too many people self-medicate with them.

All that just to say the loss of Robin Williams is grievous on so many fronts. It doesn’t look as though he did enough to get the help he really needed. It’s our loss, too, of course

P.S. — The best article I saw shared last night was a 2010 interview piece in The Guardian that was ostensibly about his newest movie at the time but ended up to be more about his sickness and sadness. With the unwieldy title Robin Williams: ‘I was shameful, did stuff that caused disgust – that’s hard to recover from’, it shows a broken man longing for wholeness. A man desperate for love and laughs.